The Crestview Capital Team

We pride ourselves on being as open and accessible to our clients as possible. Please take a moment to meet our talented team of experts.

John Wilson

Co-Founding Partner

Mr. Wilson is the founder of Crestview Capital and is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the company. His record goes back to the early 1990s and he has helped clients consistently beat the market over the course of his career.

Paul Roberts

Co-Founding Partner

Mr. Roberts oversees Crestview Capital's primary operations and has an extensive background in law and financial compliance regulations. Mr. Roberts' focused direction is part of what keeps Crestview Capital in the forefront of international financial standards.

Matt Jones

CFO & Partner

Mr. Jones works closely with our team to develop our products and maintain an edge during changing market conditions. Mr. Jones has experience in both the banking and corporate spaces.

Greg Turner

Head of Global Equities

Mr. Turner is a pioneer in the application of computer models designed to adapt to changing market conditions and forecast future trends. His team is among the best in the world at identifying changing trends.

John Young

Senior Investment Advisor

Mr. Young has enjoyed a career of consistently exceeding his client's already high expectations with his unique insight and talent for identifying the emergence of strong trends.

Myles Turner

Senior Investment Advisor

Mr. Turner has been responsible for some of Crestview Capital's most successful campaigns. With a focus on pattern prediction Mr. Turner has cemented himself as our expert for specialised market analysis.

Paul Fraser

Senior Investment Advisor

Mr. Fraser has a strong background in mathematics and focuses his efforts on continually improving our financial models by identifying flow of capital and coordinating with the financial analysis team.

Robert Michaels

Senior Investment Advisor

Mr. Michaels focuses on conducting research analysis across European and American equities. Mr. Michaels oversees a team advising on a wide range of equity management.